the skin journey

Before visiting our clinic, here are some things you need to know

1. Please arrive to the clinic 5 minutes prior to your appointment time

2. We strongly suggest booking in advance for your treatments, and if you have a particular therapist you wish to see please request them when booking.

3. Please be aware of our booking policies prior to booking an appointment with us. You can view our policies here.

4. We are unable to treat: active cold sores, if you are presenting any flu like symptoms or if you have received Botox, Filler or Cosmetic Tattooing within 14 days of your appointment.

5. Results won’t happen overnight! We are all about setting realistic expectations with our clients and being honest. It is important to have a long-term goal in mind and continue with your skin journey and treatment plan to create incredible skin results.

6. Please always notify us of any questions, concerns, or skin responses you may have when visiting our clinic. We are always here to support you in your skin journey inside and outside of the treatment room.

Step 1: The Skin Consultation

Confidential consultations are the beginning of your skin journey. Your skin therapist will guide you along an in-depth consultation discussing your concerns and educating you on your skin. After clinical before photos have been taken, your skin therapist will design a treatment plan and skin prescription to effectively address and correct your skin needs.

Following your no obligation consultation, you will receive an in-depth treatment plan and skin prescription via email outlining important components of your consultation, and what to expect before and after your future skin treatments.

Please note: A non refundable $40 booking fee is required to secure all bookings at Skin Love. Your initial booking fee payment will be held on your file as credit if you wish to book future appointments after your skin consultation. Please see our clinic policy here for all information regarding deposits and booking policies.

Time Frame: 45 minute consultation, an extra half hour for treatment.


Skin Conditioning Treatments – Barrier Strengthening Series

To allow us to achieve optimal corrective results for your skin concerns, it is important to repair the skin’s barrier function to prep your skin prior commencing any corrective skin peels.

Time Frame: Weekly, fortnightly, or monthly visits as advised by your skin therapist.


Step 3: Corrective Skin Treatments – Skin Revision

After completing a series of skin conditioning treatments, your skin therapist will conduct a treatment plan recalibration to commence into corrective skin treatments to further enhance and optimise your results.

Time Frame: Weekly, fortnightly, or monthly visits as advised by your skin therapist.

step 4

Time to maintain your healthy skin

Your skin is now healthy, vibrant and rejuvenated and it is time to further improve its condition and maintain your results for long lasting glowing skin.

Time Frame: Monthly – 6 Weeks.